Cross-browser Testing

I subscribed to the “Code Project” daily build email.  I have found these daily emails to contain some real gems.  Today, I was looking at an article titled: “HTML4 – we’re done” which peaked my interest because I’ve been focused on HTML5 for the past couple of years. 

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As I read down toward the section called “Multi-browser testing options” I started to click on the links to check out the tools that the author was using.  The last tool called “Modern.IE” took me to this website:


The top part goes to a tool called “Browser Stack” and it has a list of OS’s to test against.  These are emulators that are run in a virtual environment:

It also has a selector for available browsers which are real browsers executed inside the virtual environment:

Signing up gives the user a 3 month free trial and it costs $19 a month for one person.  Which means that this tool is primarily for use by a business or those who are programming for a price and are concerned about compatibility.

Still, I’m happy to see that there are tools out there that can test on multiple platforms.  I typically only test the top 5 browsers, which are installed on my PC and the iPad Safari (because I have an iPad).  I rarely get the opportunity to test against an Android device due to the fact that I don’t have one on-hand.  Having the ability to test against a virtual device is better than not testing at all.


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