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Random Blogging Stuff…

First of all, I’ve decided to change the title of my blog to my name.  The subject of this blog is still software related and I might blog about hardware issues in the future.  My focus on ORM’s and Unit Testing has narrowed the scope of this blog away from hardware so I’m just going to use my name to give the blog a generic title.

Second, I have a whole bunch of posts in the hopper right now, but I haven’t been pumping out articles as fast as I’d like because I’m working on an application that will replace the NHibernate table mapping generator that I threw together a few months ago.  The new application is an actual windows app with a drop-down list of SQL servers to choose from and a check list box of databases to read for creating Fluent NHibernate ORM mapping files.  It also contains stored procedure and view scraping methods that can be used in a unit testing environment.  However, to make this package truly powerful is the other pieces that I’m working on.  I am literally building a ORM/SQL Server unit testing suite that works together.  There will be unit test helpers that start and stop an instance of SQLLocalDB as well as table truncation and utilities to pre-populate tables from xml or json files.  I would also like to add some tools to allow the unit test to create indexes and relational integrity constraints as needed.  These will work the same as the stored procedures do, it will scrape the information from MS SQL server and the unit test can just specify that relational integrity will be included.

Some of the subjects still in the hopper include:

– NHibernate outer join issues
– Game design, back to Battlefield One.
– Using SQLLocalDB with LINQ-to-SQL
– Legacy code
– EF testing with SQLLocalDB
– ORM vs Non-ORM software design
– Turning off Log4Net logging for NHibnerate
– NHibernate 4000 character limit (sigh).
– Unit testing Javascript

You might conclude that I’m a bit ADD.  Maybe, but I work in this technology during the day and my only regret is that I don’t have enough hours in the week to do all the research on these subjects that I’d like to do.  Some of this research occurs while I’m at work (to solve a problem).  Most of it occurs while I’m trying to put together a blog post (then it tends to make it’s way to work, it’s a symbiotic relationship).  

Other subjects on the back burner…

I’m also doing some reflection stuff.  I was thinking of blogging about that.  I have SQL Server knowledge that I’d like to blog about (how to use tools to tune your server and identify where to add indexes to reduce deadlocks and improve performance).  I’m doing some MongoDB research (yeah, I have a few minutes at the end of the week to try this out… LOL).  I still need to revisit micro-ORMs and do a full analysis on Dapper.Net.  I’d also like to connect NHibernate to Oracle and run some analysis on that.  I haven’t blogged much on Oracle but I have a lot of experience with Oracle from my past projects.  I did install Oracle on my PC over a year ago when I demonstrated it in a blog post.  So I’d like to do a bit more with my Oracle instance to show differences with SQL Server.  One other database that I have experience with is MySQL.  I  haven’t done anything serious with MySQL because the last time I analyzed MySQL it didn’t have constraints, which made it a toy.  I’d like to demonstrate the use of NHibernate with MySQL to show how two free products can be used to create a real application (in other words, I’ll compare the performance with SQL).

So many subjects, so little time…


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