Hello world!

I’m moving my blog from Google Blogspot to my own domain.   Almost any person who has used blogspot knows the problems.  Google does not maintain their blog engine.  I’ve been using Blogspot since April of 2012 and I’ve seen little change.  The javascript for the theme I used to use doesn’t work as well as it used to.  Clicking on a picture and then closing the picture using an iPad causing the blog to snap to the top.  Code highlighting is not an easy add-on.  Available themes are limited.  Blog customization is difficult.  So I finally reached my pain point and decided to look for another blog engine.  I stumbled across Ghost and I really like their blogging site, but their prices are high and I have two blogs.  I don’t make any money from my blogging, so there’s no real justification to move from a fee blog site to a site that costs money.  I do, however, have a website that I am already paying for.  That website is hosted by Godaddy.  Fortunately, Godaddy has WordPress and there was a Casper theme, which is the same default theme that Ghost uses.  Therefore, I can get the same quality of output as Casper and not pay a dime more for services that I already pay.  Sweet!

WordPress has been around since the stone-age and they have come a long way since the last time I installed and configured it.  First, it was a click of the button to activate (after I setup a blog subdomain to my frankdecaire.com domain).  Then I added some plug-ins to do code highlighting.  Next, I scraped a blog post from Blogspot and tweaked the appearance.  The WordPress editor interface is a pleasure to use.  Blogspot has a bug involving inserted images.  Sometimes you can’t get the cursor to occur after the image.  Another bug in Blogspot that drives me insane is when I add carriage returns and nothing happens.  Hitting the publish or save and then re-editing the post shows the extra lines I added but couldn’t see.  I no longer have to deal with all that mess.

My next task is to move all my old articles over from Blogspot.  Maybe I’ll just put a forwarding link there and just continue here… Decisions.  Decisions.


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